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domain structure in Nd2Fe14B xtal

Intermediate state in Pb single crystal

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October 8, 2019


Our research unit (group) is called SUPERMAGLAB = “Superconductivity and Magnetism Low-Temperature Laboratory”. As it follows from the group title, our research activities are focused on unconventional superconductivity, magnetism and their coexistence in novel materials. The overarching goal is the development of advanced approaches and identification of new phenomena relevant for energy-related quantum technologies, specifically based on magnetic quantum effects. This generally requires very low temperatures and, often, high magnetic fields. More details can be found in the "Projects".

We are part of the Condensed Matter Physics group
of the Department of Physics and Astronomy
at Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory

(operated by the U.S. Department of Energy).

Lab locations & Phones:

Zaffarano Hall
Dilution refrigerator - A01 (515) 294-7249
3He and 4He labs
- A02-A04 (515) 294-7249
MPMS & PPMS - A09 (515) 294-7249

Wilhelm Hall
Nitrogen Vacancy MFM - 115-117 (515) 294-2818
Magneto-optics -125

Sensitive Instrument Facility (SIF)
Nitrogen Vacancy MFM