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Updated 12-Nov-2006 Legend: P - can be a paper, PP - published paper (with link), F - finished, no paper

Topic/Subtopic materials status notes

Symmetry of the Order Parameter


Anisotropic 3D gap - full calculations.

Peak effect (separate topic)


TDR measured Jan, Aug (PRL) and Dec (Tyson) 2005 (UIUC) .

MO measured?

wrote full analysis of rho_c and rho_ab in Matlab.
Will present at APS-2006.

Still need to analyze and publish the peak effect (measured by TDR).

P Two gaps in NbSe2? NbSe2

measured Nov 2005 (UIUC & ISU)

MO measured (geom barrier?)

Jan 2006 - being prepared for pub by Carrington.

Still need to look at H-dependense of the response. Maybe with MO and SQUID can publish.

P Doping dependence of Lambda Bi2Sr2CuO6+x (BSCCO-2201) from A. Kaminskii (2/10/06) strange flux penetration. almost perfect linear T in OD
    Tl2Ba2CuO6+x (Tl-2201) from A. Kaminskii (2/10/06) interesting c- (T3) vs ab- lambda
P Two gap nature in MgB2 MgB2 xtals measure Mlong and Mtrans (with Kogan). Started in August 2006 H supression of the pi-gap
P penetration depth in OsB2 OsB2 arc melted D. Johnston s-wave, looks like MgB2 November 2006 (Yogesh)


P Various shapes Pb hemisphere Baozhen made (cast) hemisphere. Measured 2/10/06 Very nice tubes (corrugated). Obtained upon flux entry and exist as well as temperature change. Baozhen was fired.
    Pb sphere   perfect sample made by Jake. Unfortunately became hysteretic when I cut it.

Coexistence of Superconductivity & Magnetism

  weak ferro. spontaneous vortices ErNi2B2C measure Mtr & Mlg (SQUID) under angle. with V. Kogan Tc=10K, Tneel=6K, Tcurie=1 K (check)
  strong ferro. spontaneous vortices, inhomogeneous SC/FM domain ErRh4B4 xtals May 2006 Cu flux. Tc=8.5 K, Tcurie=0.87 K?
      Summer 2006 New crystals (Stephanie Law). Needle like, very interesting steps.

Flux pinning, patterns etc.

P Pinning in MgB2 xtals MgB2 xtals 14 Dec 2005 - first MO in ISU nice images on new IL*D garnets
  Electrodeposited films from N. Lobanov Pb films on Cu 28 Dec 2005 - first MO closed. no future.
P Nb strip (T. Girard) Nb strip (25 um) MO - Dec 2005 nice imaging of vortex avalanches
      2/16/06 - received 5,10,15 um Nb strips work on several thicknesses
  Sonochemical HIP pellets MgB2 pellets 2/28/06- Use High-t Isostatic Press
  Peak effect in CaALSi CaALSi    

Critical scaling in the vicinity of Tc and TN

P TDR study of TC and TN CeAgSb2 measured (H || c) - Oct 2005 (ISU) interesting H - dependence around Tc
      measured ( II ab) - Dec 2005 (ISU) no sharp peak about Tc
    SmAgSb2 measured (PRL) no peak
      Matt (Yuri's samples) nice peak in a dipper TDR
    ZrZn2 Feb 2006 (could be a SC below 1 K?) unusual FM - very broad peak, but suppressed completely by H~500 Oe
    MnSi MPMS 4Mar06 sharp reversible loops

Quantum oscillations

P Shubnikov - de Haas YAgSb2 TDR measured, not found Nov 2005 (only dHvA in observed)
    SmAgSb2 TDR measured (H || c) Nov 2005 found nice SdH
    CeAgSb2 TDR measured (H || c) Dec 2005 found nice 0.5 MG SdH. Preparing paper

Ferromagnetic domains

  Magnetic domains in Nd2Fe14B xtals 11 Jan 2006 - both Kerr and Faraday very nice Star of David patterns. Now made a wedge.
    Pr2Fe14B xtals    
P Magnetic domains in CeAgSb2 xtals (S. Law) 13 Jan 2006 - both Kerr and Faraday very nice square tubes

Glassy behavior/Magnetic defects

  polycrystalline LiV2O4(Johnston)

TDR: 2/15/06

nice glass transition. Suppressed by ~ 1T field.
  xtals LiV2O4(Johnston)   Now will measure xtals

Magnetic molecules

  Magnetic molecules Cr8 Nov 2005 found a weak kink at ~ 1.5 Tesla
    Mo72Fe30 2/10/06 (Luban/Koherler) nice transition. Marshal has a theory
P   CeAg TDR: Jan 2006 Nice metamagnetic transitions
Old debts
  Clem model in organics   with Russ  
  type-I TDR   with Russ  
  nonmonotonic creep      
  AC response of type-I      
  Old stuff from USC      
  Ginsburg-Landau (with J Clem)