The Lab


Tunnel diode resonator (TDR)

precise measurements of dynamic magnetic susceptibility at radio frequencies. Three systems are operating in the lab:

- in a 3He cryostat
- dilution refrigerator
- 4He systems
- furnaces

Temperatures from 10-2 to 103 K
Magnetic fields up to 16 Tesla



We are also working on the development of various flavours of the resonator, including variable frequency and angle resonators as well extended temperature range and combination with other techniques.

TDR in a 4He cryostat (sample in vacuum) is shown on the right. Temperatures from 1.4 K. Variable sample geometry setup. Fits wide neck transport dewar.


Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) Magnetometry

We are currenly developing novel techniques for non-invasive magnetic field sensing and imaging based on nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. The measurement apparatus includes a low-temperature (4.2 K) AFM combined with a confocal fluorersence microscope.



Small optical flow-type cryostat mounted on an XY stage of a polarized-light microscope. Used to study 2D distributions of magnetic fields on surfaces of superconducting and magnetic samples.




Quantum Design MPMS

vector DC magnetometry with longitudinal and transverse SQUIDs.



Quantum Design PPMS

General cryogenic mainframe.


- specific heat
- AC and DC transport
- AC magnetic susceptibility
- Canteiliver magnetometer




AC susceptometer
Custom built variable frequency AC susceptibility. Compensated coils configuration for PPMS.


400 uW dilution refrigerator system

Modular system with various experimental inserts, including transport, magnetic and thermal measurements. Temperatures < 10 mK and magnetic field up to 16 Tesla.


Cryogen-free Helium-3 system



Sonochemical setup

Uses 20 kHz powerful ultrasound (up to 750 W) to induce chemical reactions.